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I love skiing! Its one of my top passions. My brothers and sisters and I had an awesome skiing holiday over December 08. We went to Canada and Lake Tahoe on the edge of California and Nevada state.

Yah! Victory. The hardest blocks I get as a person who stutters, are when I'm talking on the phone. Training as a police reservist, it was inevitable that the day would come when I would need to talk on the radio ... so I was dreading the thought of having to use the radio. In particular you have to use certain words on the radio - no way around it. For example 'P' is Papa. P's are tricky because they are stop plosive sounds where the air coming out of your chest is temporarily stopped, so blocks are more likely.

OC gas (Oleoresin Capsicum) or pepper spray is a great weapon to temporarily disable a suspect without casing permanent damage. Pepper spray is made up of natural ingredients including capsicum (pepper) and oleoresin (resin). Pepper spray effects different people in different ways - some people experience burning skin and eyes, temporary blindness, sensitivity to light and lots of pain .... however other people have a much less severe reaction to it.